Grape Variety: Chenin 100%
Soil: Slate

Production criteria:
. Several hand selections of noble rot over-ripe grapes from late October to mid-November;
. Slow fermentation on wild yeast and in oak barrels (for several months);
. Alcoholic fermentation ended when 170 g/l of residual sugar is left;
. Kept in barrels on thin lees until spring with regular stirring to develop structure and complexity;
. Cross-flow filtration before bottling to stabilize the wine (limiting the amount of sulfites needed).

Tasting notes:
Deep and concentrated golden yellow color with amber reflections;
Full-bodied and intense bouquet with characteristic Chenin Blanc flavor (quince, apricot, plum), notes of over-ripeness (cinnamon, beeswax) and barrel maturation (vanilla, oak, smoke, sweet licorice);
The mouth is wide and generous with white fruit, vanilla and woody fragrances;
The really long back palate is slightly bittersweet with candied citrus and cocoa notes.

Decanted a few hours, this wine matches with:
. Pear or apple pies;
. Apricot or exotic fruit crumble;
. Almond paste based desserts;
Trying it with blue cheese is an original association.

8 to 10°c.
10 years and more

Gold medal, Concours des Ligers 2013
Gold medal, Concours general agricole Paris 2009
Gold medal, Concours des grands vins de Mâcon 2007